Corkern Family Dentistry – A Note from Dr. Marc Corkern

Corkern Family Dentistry - A Note from Dr. Marc Corkern

I am beyond excited to share some big news with you. As of February 1st, Tom Foster & Associates is officially Corkern Family Dental.

Wow. Que the fourth quarter nerves.

Working under Dr. Tom Foster for more than four years has been educational and meaningful. Learning from his more than 38 years of experience while building strong relationships with our patients has been invaluable and I am thankful for every skill learned along the way.

I am excited about the future as Corkern Family Dental.

Experience matters and I am proud of what I’ve accomplished prior to this role as business owner and dentist.

With two small girls of my own – Kennedy (2) and Avery Claire (7 months) – I know that scheduling time for an appointment can get tricky. Our team strives to treat you like family and we want every member of your own to feel comfortable here – after all, there are cookies!

In the coming weeks, you may see some small changes around the office like new scrubs, a new sign and a new logo. However, the quality of care you’ve grown accustomed to at Tom Foster & Associates will remain the same. We are maintaining the same insurances and same policies. We will continue to be very prompt in appointment times and our staff is all still here, ready to care for you. I hope you are as enthusiastic about this transition as I am!

Corkern Family Dental Logo

Here’s to many more years ahead as Corkern Family Dental. I am excited for the privilege to serve as your dentist.

If you’re really interested, read a little more about me and my experience here.


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